K. Deckert_Iado Instruction
Iado Instruction with Sensei Deckert

Iaido is the Japanese school in the way of the sword. Roughly translated as, the way of mental presence and immediate reaction, Iaido as a sport was founded in 1932. Despite the use of medieval weaponry, the art is not centered on violence. Rather the practitioner is challenged through solo Kata (orchestrated movements for specific exercise) to spontaneously move from stillness into appropriate and sudden action. Practitioners memorize patterns and frequency of movement to counter specific actions by imagined opponents. The regular practice of Iaido conditions the mind to react in moments of duress with swift critical thinking and decisive action. Sensei Kevin Deckert has studied several forms of Iaido for 19 years.

Kevin Deckert’s 48 years of martial arts experience can be observed in the subtle movements of his sword. Since 1970 Sensei Deckert has studied various styles of Japanese Martial Arts, most notably Shotokan Karate, Kyokunshinkai, and Iaido. Sensei Deckert’s study of Iaido has led to a lifelong love for the way of the sword.

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