Is Shotokan Karate Right for Me? My Kids? What if…

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Some may find it difficult to decide if Shotokan Karate, or martial arts in general, is the right type of exercise, sport, ideology, or path to tread.

At Justice Karate American Shotokan, we can help you make this decision. Let’s take a moment and break down the different goals most people look to accomplish by practicing martial arts:

  • For self defense.

  • To make friends.

  • To challenge themselves.

  • To find peace or balance.

  • To emulate a popular personality.

  • To be a part of something greater.

  • To lose weight or other medical reason.

  • To learn a martial art for the sake of learning.
Learning is a life long process. Karate is a life long path.

Those are the most frequent reasons potential students walk through our door and ask for information about classes. What they don’t see, can’t see, because no one can withdraw the curtain that obscures the future, are the long term benefits:

  • Confidence, respect, patience, civility.

  • Mental and emotional control over thoughts and actions.

  • Memory.

  • A Well earned sense of accomplishment.

  • The life long habits & benefits of fitness.

  • Academic and professional success.

  • A deep understanding of goal setting and organization.
Shotokan Karate School Symbol
Shotokan Karate School Symbol

At JKAS we want to help you make the right decision about you or your children’s future in the martial arts. That’s why we offer a discounted rate for the first 30 days. Give Shotokan Karate a serious effort for 30 days, two sessions a week.

By the way, at JKAS we also instruct in Kick Boxing, Iaido, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Stop by while a class is in session and observe. We can’t wait to meet you!


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