Shotokan Karate for Kids

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Often parents want to know if martial arts, particularly Shotokan Karate, is right for their kids. Is it safe? Will learning martial arts make kids act violently towards others? Will they start acting out in school or bully others with their training?

JKAS Youth Black Belt Instructors, Natasha and Chelsea

Safety is the #1 priority at Justice Karate American Shotokan. Junior and Youth classes are structured. Sam Justice, President and Founder of JKAS, often instructs these classes or approves of and supervises the black belts who are instructing. Classes are restricted to 45-minute sessions for ages 7 to 12 (Youth) and 30-minute sessions for ages 4 to 6 (Junior).

Youth and Instrutor practicing backfist
Youth Class

The first lesson children learn when entering the dojo is structured behavior or etiquette: bowing, where to stand, ranking structure based on belts, how to speak to each other and respect the instructor. In short, children learn the essence of civility. This foundation of behavior carries over into their home life and academics.

Youth Side Kick
Youth White Belt practicing a side-kick.

Children studying martial arts, specifically at JKAS, do not go on to display their knowledge and abilities in an inappropriate manner.  Studying Karate develops children’s ability for self control, discipline, and situational awareness. Kids are taught when it is appropriate to use their skills and strength (at the dojo) and when it is not (at school or at home). Kids will understand what self defense is and how to avoid those situations (situational awareness). Lastly, kids are held to an expected standard of conduct (discipline). Bad behavior at home or at school affects their ability to achieve the next belt.

Weekend Youth Class.

Most of all, kids have fun! Classes are challenging, but short. Their attention is focused on achieving small goals that lead to larger successes. Each class they leave feeling confident. The youth make friends with others who have similar interests and goals.

Youth Class in Action.

Many of our youth are A students, on honor roll, and go on to college. Want proof? Come in to our Youth classes and get unbiased reviews from our parents. Don’t rely on doctored up online reviews. Better yet, Sign up for the back to school special. From September to November JKAS has a back to school special – 6 lessons, come as you are, free. After the six lessons you’ll find our monthly rate affordable and worth the investment.


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