Blue Belt

Blue Belt Test Material

Accumulated Skills: Know all previous belt materials

Hand Movements:

  • Lunge Punch (stepping)

Foot Movements:

  • Slide and Step
  • Creeping
  • Switch over (fast)


  • Shuffle side kick
  • Front round kick

Wazas: (work from a fighting stance)

  • Slide back, right elbow smash, step spin wheel kick
  • Double inward block, round knee, drop elbow strike
  • Step to left, double inward block, grab, left hammer fist to head, front kick, sweep takedown, punch, punch
  • Step inside double inward block, right elbow strike to side, left elbow strike, right vertical elbow strike


  • Two hand choke from rear – Pivot right, grab with left hand, right hammer fist to elbow, left knee to face.
  • Bear hug from rear – Thrust hips back, back kick

Kumite Techniques:

  • Slide up hook kick/side kick, jab, lunge punch
  • Front kick/roundhouse kick, jab, reverse punch, forward ridgehand
  • Spin side kick, jab, reverse punch, spin back kick
  • Counter – spin hook kick, reverse punch, round kick

Kata – Pian II, Pian IV, Elbow Sequence (plus all lower belt Katas)