Brown Belt

Brown Belt Test Material

Accumulated skills: Know all previous belt material

Hand movements:

  • Jump check, reverse punch
  • Reverse inverted punch, backfist, repeat same
  • Uppercut (forward and rear)

Foot movements:

  • Stepping side (three steps only)
  • Step behind, step out, step across front, step out


  • Jump side kick
  • Jump roundhouse kick
  • Jump hook kick

Wazas: (Work from a fighting stance)

  • Crossover step into a cat stance, parry block, eye rake with right hand, spin chop to solar plexus, punch to head, punch to body, punch to head, grab, sweep takedown, punch, punch
  • Club attack – Cross block high, swing in circle, hammer fist to head, reverse punch to head, grab head and knee strike
  • Club attack – Cross block high, step through, capture arm and break over shoulder, elbow strike to body, hammer fist to groin
  • Step back with left foot, right inward block, side kick to the knee, side kick to the body, left elbow strike to the head.


  • Two hand grab to the front – left upward block, right elbow strike down on arm, hammer fist to groin, backfist to head, reverse punch, rear front kick
  • Two hand choke to front – Wedge block, left palm heel to the face, right punch to neck, left elbow to head, grab and knee strike to the head

Kumite techniques:

  • Jump hook kick, rear overhand ridgehand, inverted punch
  • Jump side kick, pull step backfist, side kick
  • Pull off side kick, jump hook kick, jab, lunge punch
  • Slide up check/flip/front kick, spin back kick

Kata – Enpi – video coming soon!