Green Belt

Green Belt Test Material

Accumulated Skills: Know all previous belt materials

Hand movements:

  • Hook punch
  • Spin backfist

Foot movements:

  • Stutter step with skip
  • Rear leg check
  • Forward leg check


  • Ax kick
  • Crescent kick (forward and rear)
  • Push front kick
  • Push side kick

Wazas: (Work from a fighting stance)

  • Step left, left inward block, reverse punch to liver, left punch to head, sweep with left foot, stomp kick to body
  • Double inward chop, grab with left hand, right chop to neck, left reverse punch to liver
  • Double hand check, front kick, right palm heel block, left reverse punch, left and check, right inverted punch to neck.
  • Step to left, parry block, right round kick, right hammer fist to head, grab and right knee to head.


  • Head lock – Step behind, hammer fist to groin and kidney, grab with left hand and palm heel to face
  • Come along – Grab with both hands, step into horse stance, break elbow over shoulder, elbow strike to rear, hammer fist to groin.

Kumite Techniques:

  • Jab, rear front kick, spin hook kick slide up side kick
  • Push slide jab, pull step jack, reverse punch, switch over, push slide, reverse punch
  • Rear leg check, round kick, jab, reverse punch
  • Counter-three point block, check, lunge punch

Kata: Wonsui, Oneku (and all lower belt katas)