Orange Belt

Orange Belt Test Material

Accumulated Skills:  Know all previous belt materials

Hand Movements:

  • Backfist, jab, reverse punch
  • Backfist, inverted punch
  • Ridgehand (front and rear)
  • Jab, reverse ridgehand
  • Jab, reverse ridgehand, ridgehand

Foot Movements:

  • Bouncing
  • Step behind
  • Slide step 1/4
  • Sweep upset (front and rear)


  • Pivot to front and side kick
  • Hook kick (front and rear)
  • Spin back kick

Wazas: (work from a fighting stance)

  • Capture punch break arm, round knee to body
  • Forearm block, reverse palm heel to groin, knife hand to throat
  • Forearm block, forward lateral elbow strike to head, backfist, reverse inverted punch to body
  • Inward block to reverse forearm block while moving to side of opponent, round kick to groin
  • Inward block to reverse forearm block while moving to side of opponent, side kick to knee
  • Forearm block, grab with forward hand, rear elbow to face, rear knee to groin
  • Step forward into inside block, backfist to face, hammer fist to groin, backlist to face
  • Inward block, reverse inverted punch to body, jab to head


  • Bear hug to front w/ arms free – Double palm heel to ears, rear front kick to knee
  • Grab from side – Step and pull away, elbow to side, reverse inverted to body, jab to head
  • Two hand grab to the front – Shoot rear hand down between opponent’s arms, break hold, backfist, inverted punch
  • Tackle – Shift back and drop down with double forearm block, reverse knee, rear drop elbow strike

Kumite Techniques

  • Side kick, hook kick
  • Roundhouse kick, ridgehand, reverse punch
  • Jab, reverse punch, roundhouse kick, spin back kick, reverse punch
  • Sweep upset, jab, reverse ridgehand
  • Jab, spin hook kick, reverse front kick, jab, reverse punch
  • Front kick, hook kick
  • Reverse lunge punch, jab, flip kick
  • Spin hook kick, hook kick, reverse punch

Kata – Eppon III (and all lower belt katas)