Purple Belt

Purple Belt Test Material

Accumulated Skills:  Know all previous belt material

Hand movements:

  • Jab, reverse punch, check, rear ridgehand
  • Jab, reverse punch, ridge hand, lunge punch
  • Jab, spin backfist

Foot movements:

  • Step and step (slow and fast)
  • Lunge step through


  • Flip/flip kick
  • Push flip kick
  • Wheel kick

Wazas: (work from a fighting stance)

  • Overhead attack, step through with right upward block, capture arm and wrist, sweep takedown, drop knee to side.
  • Overhead attack, left upward block, capture wrist and arm, sweep and takedown, drop knee to neck
  • Step to left, left inward block, right ridge hand to face, left punch to head
  • Knife attack to stomach – step back and cross block control wrist, left front kick, right scooping kick to face.


  • Side grab – Block and lunge punch to side, grab and control arm, strike arm with knee
  • Grab to front – Spin out in right direction using inward block, strike with right elbow to head, spin back to left and strike head with left elbow

Kumite techniques:

  • Shuffle side kick, stepping spin hook kick, backfist, reverse inverted punch
  • Jab, front kick, jab, rear ridgehand
  • Flip/flip kick, backfist, inverted punch, roundhouse kick
  • Slide up hook/flip kick, jab, reverse punch

Kata – Nahanchi (and all previous katas)