Purple Stripe Belt

Purple Stripe Test Material

Accumulated Skills: Know all previous belt material

Hand movements:

  • Double forearm block
  • Double head block
  • Three point block with left hand down

Foot movements:

  • Push slide 45 degrees
  • Pull step 45 degrees


  • Stepping to front spin hook kick
  • Chicken roundhouse (front and rear)
  • Chicken front (front and rear)

Wazas: (Work from a fighting stance)

  • Step back left foot, right inward block, double flip kick, backfist, inverted punch.
  • Crescent/side kick, backfist, reverse punch, rear front kick
  • Double inward block, then elbow to the side, break arm, horse kick to groin, spin out backfist.
  • Step to the left, parry block, right ridge hand to body, left palm heel to kidney area, right knife hand strike to neck, sweep takedown, punch and punch.


  • Two hands to front – Cover with left, inverted punch to body, left knife hand to neck, right hammer fist to both sides of head, push body with both hands.
  • Grab to front w/ one or two hands, capture wrist with right hand, left crescent kick to head, sit on arm and break/control.

Kumite techniques:

  • Jab, stepping to front and spin hook kick, reverse punch, rear front kick
  • Push slide jab, 1/4 step lunge punch, roundhouse kick, side kick
  • Flip/front kick, jab, reverse punch
  • Counter spin back kick, slide up hook kick, backfist, inverted punch

Kata – Bassai Dai – video coming soon!