Yellow Belt

Yellow Belt Test Material

General skills – know proper uniform and dojo etiquette (bowing in and out, addressing instructors, preparing for class)

Basic Hand Movements:

Blocks – Upward, Downward, Forearm and Inward
Punches – Jab, Reverse, Backfist, Inverted

Basic Foot Movements:

  • Push Step
  • Pull Step
  • Knee Block

Basic Kicks:

  • Front Kick
  • Side Kick
  • Roundhouse Kick
  • Flip Kick
  • Back Kick

Basic Stances:

  • Attention (Yoi)
  • Ready Stance
  • Horse Stance
  • Front Stance
  • Fighting Stance

Fighting Techniques:

  • Flip kick, jab, reverse punch
  • Side kick, backlist, inverted punch
  • Backfist, side kick
  • Upward block, inverted punch to body, reverse punch to head
  • Backfist, back kick
  • Jab, Roundhouse kick
  • Grab/check, reverse punch
  • Front kick, jab, front kick

Kata – H Pattern 1