Yellow Stripe Belt

Yellow Stripe Belt Test Material

Accumulated Skills: Know all Yellow Belt material

Self Defense Techniques (Wazas): All are done from a prepare stance, step right leg back into a fighting stance, left forearm block and…

  • Jab to head, inverted punch to the body
  • Reverse punch to the head, jab to body, reverse punch to groin
  • Inverted punch to the body, reverse punch to the head
  • Jab to head, right rear chop to neck
  • Right spear hand strike to throat
  • Right palm heel strike to face, left palm heel strike to face, reverse          punch to head
  • Right leg scoop kick to groin
  • Reverse punch to face, grab attacker with both hands and pull in to you, right knee strike to groin.


  • Hand grab from rear – step to rear with left foot and pivot, wrap around with left arm, reverse inverted punch to body
  • Bear hug – extend hips forward, rear hip strike to groin and extend arms forward to break grip, head-butt, stamp foot, back kick to knee
  • Two hand grab to front – grab across both arms, strike underneath with forward, downward stripe, knife hand to throat area
  • Two hand choke from rear – spin with ridge hand to groin, pull step, check and reverse punch to kidney

Kata – Pian I plus Yellow Belt H-Pattern kata