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The corner stone of every viable weight loss program is support. Who is in your corner celebrating your successes, providing mentorship and guidance? Who can you depend on to put you back on the path to success after you strayed for a pint of ice cream or midnight snack?

Black belt test Feb. 2021
Justice Karate Black Belt Test February 2021

JKAS offers classes 6 days a week. We specialize in Shotokan Karate, Kick Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Aerobics. That’s 6 days of opportunity for one flat rate. Opportunity for what? Immersion into an environment of butt kicking, sweat drenching, friend making, bag hitting, KIAI-Yelling, calorie burning, looking-and-feeling-like-a-million-bucks-in-90-days, FUN!

Justice Karate American Shotokan in Henrico County, Virginia is in your corner. Not only are we in your corner, but our location is conveniently located off Broad Street and a stones throw from I-64.

A second all important aspect in weight loss is diet. Not dieting, but diet. Regular everyday meals that you can depend on for energy, your body can process without accumulating negative affects, and you can tolerate. Dieting often refers to temporary changes in daily consumption for a specific time frame to meet a desired out come (and is best done with the assistance of a dietician or hardcore personal research). Your diet refers to a permanent change, which over time is more valuable to the needs of permanent weight loss. JKAS can provide diet suggestions, but we don’t claim to be experts in the field. The third step in this process is regular fitness sessions.

We Are All On A Journey Of Some Kind. Find Companions At JKAS.

We are experts in fitness. JKAS offers a variety of ways to lose weight through regular fitness and an encouraging environment from which to begin your weight loss journey. Make no mistake, losing weight, like many other challenges in life, is a journey. Not only do you have to conquer your cravings, but you have to rethink the habits that brought you to the point you are at. You don’t have to go on this journey alone. As a matter of fact, do not go on this journey alone: GO THROUGH IT AT Justice Karate American Shotokan!

Shotokan Karate is a good step in the right direction for permanent weight loss. Why? Because it’s a system that offers progression through the systematic accomplishment of goals or belts. JKAS doesn’t offer short cuts. You can’t come into the dojo, buy your uniform and white belt, and step into a black belt 6-months later, just because you pay your dues. Each belt signifies a gradual effort of will power, memory, intelligence, and physical endurance. Best of all, we don’t pressure you to buy access to some special room or trainer like some of the big box gyms do. One rate covers everything.

Collaborative + Friendly + Supportive Community = Justice Karate

Justice Karate American Shotokan is a collaborative, friendly, and supportive community of martial arts enthusiasts! Egos and judgements are left at the door. Check out our class schedules and compare it to your availability. Come in to observe a class, talk to our students, or have a conversation with an instructor today! We are here for YOU.

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